About Me

Fashion Illustrator, Pattern Designer, Color Creator, Idea Collector, Inspiration Seeker…

that‘s me!

Inspiration is at the beginning of every art. The interplay of colours and forms, a spectacle in nature, interesting perspectives on buildings and the meeting of people. Everything can be the inspiration for an idea. My task as an artist now is to pour this idea into a form that attracts and inspires other people.

Lot’s of inspiration on my desk!

My story

Almost every artist’s biography begins with the words „even as a small child I drew and painted a lot“. Singers have always sung and dancers have always danced.

I think every child is always an artist, but as we grow up, these skills become less and less important if you let them. Others keep their enthusiasm, develop their skills and become better simply because they do it often.
It was no different with me. Then my enthusiasm for fashion was added and I had found my very personal niche. At the age of 15 I completed a 5-year training as a textile designer, surface designer and fashion illustrator. At 20 I wanted to explore the world, worked as an au-pair in the USA, in a furniture shop, in gastronomy and in a museum.

Then the decisive step: I trained as a colour consultant in Munich and as a make-up artist in London and found my place in the fashion industry. This was followed by years with work for photo shoots, advertising, magazines, television and my own studio in downtown Vienna.

Then came the best things in my life: my husband and my two children! Gradually I lost my enthusiasm for my job and it was time for a reorientation. I thought about my roots and started to illustrate and paint again. It was like all my creativity was flowing out of me at once. Colours and shapes came together very easily.

Placing my designs on products and opening a POD shop for them was the best decision of my life. I love designing products, turning ideas into illustrations and sharing my knowledge about design, home decoration, fashion and fashion history in my blog.


My homebase

Born and raised in Vienna, I absorbed this city completely. The cosiness and warmth of the people paired with a pinch of grumpiness and inappropriate pessimism is part of the viennese mentality.

Nowhere else can you live a life full of art and culture so easily and without special effort. What excites me here is the appreciation of art and culture, which enables and carries a constant presence of cultural events at a very high level.

Not every minister of a government can be named by the population, but the name of the acting Burgtheater director is known to everyone. That says a lot about a city – my city. Which I carry within me when I wander around somewhere else again, looking for inspiration and every tiny extension of my horizon.